Expressing Your Emotions

Expressing Your Emotions

Emotion. Energy in Motion. When we do not express our emotions, the energy remains stuck inside of us. You can be angry at the world or God, because God didn't give you the right parents by your judgement. This judgement will create something different in you. Anger will turn into rebellion. Anger will turn into resistance. “Don't anyone tell me what to do,” even if it is wise and makes sense. We won't ask for wisdom; we become rebels, and it is our way or the highway.

In frustration, there is energy. You want to do something, be something, but there is nothing to do and be. This frustration can turn into judgment. It can turn into sadness. It can turn into any one of those things on the list of one hundred and sixty -four emotions that you can find on the internet. It can be any one of those. So, in healing emotions, we do it backwards. Sometimes we do rage work. The anger comes out, and then all the little things like the resistance and transference are released.

Transference is a big one. Anytime someone confronts you with one of your big issues, you transfer and say, "I don't like that person." Because that person ‘nailed it’on your big issue that needs healing. You leave, you check out, and transfer responsibility.

How do we get rid of resistance, which turns back into anger or sadness? I know some people who laugh. They laugh when it isn't funny. They laugh when it is sad, they laugh at weddings; they laugh at movies when a guy gets killed. I know this other lady that the only emotion she can show is to cry. She cries when she is happy, she cries when she is sad. We went out to eat, and her meal was so good she cried. She didn't feel any fear but also, she didn't have any happiness left. There was no mad, sad, glad, or scared there were just tears. This happens to us because we don't use and move our emotions appropriately. The big emotions filter down into all sorts of little things.

How many people have seen a stubborn kid? You try to drag that kid, and that kid will lay flat on his back, crying. You tell him, "Come on. We are going to the store." "Last time we went to the store you didn't buy me a lollipop! I am never going again!" You're dragging the kid, he is down on the ground crying and screaming. He does not want to go to the store because his disappointment was not handled. Mom can say, "Well sweetie, we have these Oreo cookies which aren't so good for you, and we have these lollipops which also aren't so good for you, so pick one. You can have the Oreo cookie or the lollipop. You had the cookies, why are you crying about a lollipop?" Whenever your friends, parents, kids get into their judgement and “play victim” show them, redirect them to look at what they have instead of focusing on what they don’t have. You have a beautiful son. You are a wise woman. You have touched millions of people, you have supported so many of us. Why are you in your victim? Tell them the truth.

I have seen anger, rage, disappointment, disapproval, judgment, and frustration healed by telling somebody the truth. What happens when you say, "I love you?" "I love you, and I don't get to see you enough." What happens to his skin? It sucks that up. What happens to his emotions? You see his shoulders release. There is a relief, and he gets the attention he needs. Thank you for teaching me compassion. Thank you for teaching me that you come into this world to show us how to be patient. Be glad that you can be in a relationship, however it looks right now. Say thank you for being in my life. You never know what the other person is going through. You never know, and words of kindness release the frustration and release the anger, period. Words of kindness are all it takes.

When I was with Esperanza a long time ago, something was going on in the clinic. I said something to her, I said "well I am glad that I was in the first line." She said, "What do you mean Starr?" I said, "I am the first line to be born, to be a healer." She looked at me, and she laughed. She said, "Starr, the first line of people waiting to be born are handicapped people, because they teach compassion, they teach love, and they teach patience." I said, "Oh, then I'm glad I am in the second line!" She looked me up and down and said "Starr, the next line of people waiting in line are the people who are assholes. And they teach us how not to be. You healers and light-workers are in line number 3." I had this picture in my head that all the light workers were standing there waiting to be born, making all their choices. No, it was this type of soul that came in for a whole life to teach us. When thinking of the disabled, we need to look at what they can do. Maybe he helps on the city council; he has been in the zoning work. He has helped with Park Ave. Look at what he has done. I think “I can't do that,” and I'm full bodied. Boy, that is a big teaching.

Have you ever met someone who hurt you? Have you ever met somebody who behaved inappropriately? I am glad I am not like that what a great teacher of how not to be. I am not so sure how that helped in my emotional healing. But I know it does affect me. So over the years, you develop those hundred and twenty-six emotions. Not the big ones because you didn't deal with your sadness, because you didn't deal with your joy, your anger, you didn't deal with your fear. All over your body, inside of your body in your organs, which each organ has different emotions associated with it. You have anger that is split up fourteen different ways. You have judgment which builds from three different emotions.

But as Master Healers, we know a couple of things. We know that we can heal backward. If we heal the judgement, then we will also heal the anger that started it. If we heal the frustration, where did it originate from? Whatever was the direct emotion, the direct cause? We heal it. You know, sometimes I see anger like someone picking a shotgun of light and shooting me with little pellets. Here is fear, and here is caution. There is judgment, a little bit of resentment, and there is sarcasm. Here is not looking people in the eyes. Here is not smiling as we work ourselves through whatever emotion that comes up. Every day, we be there fully with it. Express it, whatever it is, in an appropriate way. We can heal our emotional body. We can heal our lives.

Emotions are communicated by your body language and by your communication. That can be how you communicate or how you don't communicate. It can be what you say, how you say it, a tone of voice, rolling your eyes, your whole body is an emotion expressing machine. Sometimes I find students in my class who sit, and I can't feel one emotion coming out of them. I wonder, are they hearing? They will ask me a good question, and I know then that they are listening. There are so many emotions they aren't expressing. They are frozen. Express your emotions appropriately, heal your emotions backward, and communicate your emotions to others.

The Power of Meditation

Being quiet, being still, how powerful is that?  It does not look very powerful.  It does not feel very powerful.  Stillness might not seem very powerful, but think about a foundation to a building. It must be still, stable.  A pillar that supports physical plane things. Once the pillar is there, it is mostly forgotten. Once the foundation is laid, it is taken for granted.  Skyscrapers are built on a foundation.  Your capacity or your ability to meditate, to focus on one thing, to clear the distractions, is very powerful. To be able to concentrate, to focus to the point that no thought, sound, or little mosquito can disturb your intention is powerful. Nothing is more important than your intention.

The power of meditation is to teach you to listen, to be still, be a pillar, be a foundation.  It is a place where the inner world and outer world meet quietly and peace and serenity reign.

We can whine about the politicians, we can complain about the state of the world, we can pray for peace and have huge fund-raisers for peace; but with the power of meditation, we emanate peace.  Peace of the inner world, peace of the outer world, and peace of the two worlds coming together is essential.

We can all talk. we can all write. we can all whine and complain.  We can be silently angry and silently in love. But energies are running, and emotions are traveling.

When you meditate, when you are still and focused, peace is queen.  Listening to God, Source, and Spirit is a priority. Yes, when we start meditating we meditate at a specific time, a certain place, or a certain chair. We may listen to someone's tape, or utilize breathing, or sound. Sometimes it is just one branch of a tree that is gnarled in a way that you become it.  One flower that is twisted and ugly, but it is so ugly that it is beautiful.  We become it.  A crack in the sidewalk that looks like a wizard, you become one with it.

As you grow and you glow there will be minutes and moments of deep meditation that steal you, that grab all your words, that silence the voices, still the emotions, but you have to start with meditation.  You gotta have that practice.  You have to know how to still yourself.

It can be the eyes of a person, behind their own little shield, but totally of love.  It can be the breath of a baby. As we grow, it is no longer gentle; it is no longer easy.  Someone cuts us off, we must ground ourselves back to meditating, focus.

If someone says something rude to you, tell them "Thank You."  When someone says nothing at all to us, we shine, we listen to nothing.  Nothing but God and Earth, and ourselves together takes precedence. That is the power of meditation.

Tips for Meditation

Meditation is the art of focusing 100 percent of your intention and attention in one area.  Although a significant number of people try to meditate at some points in their lives, only a small percentage of people meditate long term.  I would like to give you some practical tips on meditation: 


  1. Make it a formal practice. You can only get to your next level of meditation by setting a specific time during the day. We don't care when - midnight, six in the morning, ten in the morning,  or three in the afternoon.  Meditation is the process of all the questions you have ever asked the angels, all the questions your soul knows, and answers your soul knows.  It is the process of being still and making space for things you do not yet know, for energies you have not yet received, and for answers.   


  1. Start with breath. How many metaphysical, spiritual classes begin with breathe this, breath through one nostril, breathe through both nostrils, hold your breath, long breaths, short breaths. Breath is simple, it is always there.  Start with your breath. 


  1. Stretch a little bit first. Loosen the muscles and make those energies that you were hanging on to fly out of you.  Do a little bit of stretching just before you start. 


  1. Meditate with a purpose. The art of focusing your attention to a single point is hard work, whether your purpose is to blank screen or to receive an answer. To stay with that purpose enhances your meditation. 


  1. Notice that frustration will creep up on you. It is very common for the beginners to think, "Hey, what am I doing here, this is so boring!" " I can't keep the voice in my head quiet."  Focus on your breath, listen to your breath because it never speaks.  It is okay to get frustrated, just get passed it. 


  1. Experiment. There are all sorts of things you can do.  You can sit cross-legged in front of a bonsai tree, in front of a candle, a crystal skull, or a painting.  There are many ways for you to have a point of focus. One or two of them will hold you, but not all. 


  1. Feel your body parts. Great practice for beginning meditators is to take notice of the body when the meditative state takes hold.  Pay attention to your fingers, your feet.  Pay attention to what body part is speaking. 


  1. Pick a specific room and specific chair to meditate in. You will create that grid, create that energy, and it will be easily repeatable.  It is okay when you are traveling to have other places. 


  1. Practice, practice, practice. 

Spiritual Preparation

Are you ready to change your life on the drop of an energy, on the drop of a dime?  Are you ready to follow the whisper inside of you?

Spiritual preparation comes with number one, attitude.  Are you going to wait and see?  Or are you going to be energetically prepared? Do you wait to see what the energy is before you make up your mind? If you wait and see, it is already happening. You need to be prepared. Your attitude must be one that is eager, aware, and ready to act on what your inner voice says. The inner voice will not be consistent.  Clear your eyes and your ears.  You need new eyes and new ears. Your attitude is important. Each of us will be given different messages, rustles, and whispers.  Listen to them behind the loudness of eating, sleeping, making love, gossiping…listen.

Attitude.  Listen to what is going on.   Be conscious.  For many years on this planet, we had wars and depressions. These are happenings that affect everybody on planet Earth.  Now we are being prepared. Watch those teenaged kids sitting at the table talking to you and texting four friends on the phone.  You can talk and text, what a concept.  You are being prepared for people to be multifaceted in your brain.  To psychically carry on seven conversations at a time and remember what each person said. You are being prepared to handle multidimensional, multi-Earthly inputs.

Look at Facebook.  Second by second, friends show off a corn beef sandwich they had for lunch. So what!  Someone had an operation, their grandniece had a baby, pictures of new babies. Things that would have taken me six months to know ten years ago, I know after spending ten minutes on Facebook.

Our communication is being picked up.  We are being prepared for this.  I want your attitude to be just as conscious of what is going on in the physical plane. How are people driving?  Are people bumping into you in public and not saying, "excuse me"?  How are people so out of it or so grounded that they can help you?  I want you to be prepared to handle everything, anything, all things.  To be able to handle them energetically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically.  Things are about to change.

We will not all be given the same message.  We all have things and energies to change.  We all have a special place in our own soul evolution and our levels, vibrations, and frequencies to contribute.

If someone annoys you, send them a healing.  If someone angers you, then send them a healing.  If someone is late, send them a healing.  If someone does not show up, send them a healing.  You are being prepared to connect your light, to exchange your energy, and to gift each other healing and light - no matter what.  Judgment is seeing its final decade.

There are many things I do not have the full picture of.  The full picture of war, starvation, violence or other negativity. But I do know one thing: these are lessons.  These are lessons for us in some way, shape, or form.  To act, to speak, not to act, not to speak, to endure, to change. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and please don not forget physically, be prepared.


If you could shrink the Earth's population to a village of one hundred people with all existing human ratios remaining the same, it will look like this. 57 Asians, 21 Europeans, 14 from the Western Hemisphere, both North and South, 8 would be Africans, 52 would be females, 48 would be male, 70 would be non-white, 30 would be white, 70 would be non-Christian. 30 would be Christian, 89 would be heterosexual, 11 would be homosexual, 6 people would possess 59 percent of the entire world's wealth, 80 people would be living in substandard housing, 70 people would be unable to read, 50 would suffer from malnutrition, 1 would be near death, 1 would be near birth, and just 1 out of 100 would have a college education, 1 person would own a computer. 

      When one considers our world from such a compressed perspective, the need for acceptance, understanding, and education becomes glaringly apparent.  Therefore be grateful. If you have food in the refrigerator, clothes on your back, a roof over your head, and a place to sleep, you are richer than 75 percent of the world. If you woke up this morning with more health than illness, you are more blessed than the million people who will not survive this week.  If you have money in the bank, in your wallet, keeping some spare change in a dish somewhere, you are among the 8 percent of the wealthiest people. 

      If you can attend a church meeting without fear of harassment, arrest, torture, or death, you are more blessed than 3 billion people in the world. If you have never experienced the danger of battle, the loneliness of imprisonment, and the agony of torture or the pain of starvation you are ahead of 500 million people. 

      If you hold up your head, with a smile on your face and truly be thankful, you are blessed because the majority can, but most do not. If you can read this message, then you are more blessed than over 2 billion people in this world who cannot read.  As you read this, you are reminded how life in the rest of the world is.

      Remember how blessed you are. With our emotions and the energies processing and coming, be grateful.

Empowerment and Enhancement

Empowerment implies a process. In this process, individuals acquire resources and information, then process them to expand their knowledge. A part of empowerment is a dynamic quality that enables you to recognize your own resources, and also utilize unused resources fully. This quality Is a process called enhancement. The process of enhancement is viewed as a way to nurture individual growth and human potential. This can be communicated and transferred to many other types of growth.

The empowerment and enhancement process creates greater awareness of your options. This allows you and to create a greater use of your talents, increase your creativity, and create a shared community with others around you. Empowerment contains the word power. Power is often viewed negatively as control primarily of others. Control is used to disempower people. Empowerment, on the other hand, denotes the increased potential for successful living and Increasing your own sense of growth.

The more vital and healthy tools you have that go unutilized, the less you bring all your points together. This brings stagnation. With enhancement, we start using all those energies and we acquire more.

What can you do to make yourself shine more? What can you be to make your life greater? Most importantly, how can you enhance what you share with other people? Are you holding back too much? Are you giving too much? Are you giving without knowing in heart and soul? Are you receiving without knowing in heart and soul?

With enhancement, whatever you have becomes stronger, firmer, and radiates more. Enhancement sharpens facts and tools, shows you new ways to use them, be with them, love them, share them, and let things manifest. Enhancements are a way to move forward gently and easily.

Enhancements give you energy, technique, maps, and charts. Entanglements are what you are entangled with: your drama, your gossip, the drama in your head. The process that says that you cannot, will not, or should not; or that you need this or need that; or that you need to be married to succeed, or you need to succeed. All of these are entanglements. Your light is entangled with a thought system that you created. We need to let go of these entanglements. We need to identify them and take all that entanglement space up with enhancements instead.

Entanglements give us a million reasons not to do the work. We say we are too tired or overworked, that we have already done it, that it is too simple or too complicated. It happens right here. It happens when you do your work. Ask any place or piece inside you. Ask any wisdom, learning experience, or lesson inside of you or outside of you to open itself up for enhancement. Grab into your energy field all those miscellaneous sayings and pieces of wisdom. Pull them inward so they enhance whatever you have. Most importantly, commit to your own enhancement.

Now is the time for you to become untangled from your fear and your doubts. Before you are able to take a great step forward, you need to know what parts of you are going forward, and what parts you are leaving behind.

The Soul as an Instrument

Your soul is a musical instrument.

You are tuned to silences. You are tuned to be a large trombone. You are tuned to be a drum where you make a pace for everybody. Throughout your life your soul changes as an instrument. Creativity, connection, nature, and intuition all shape your instrument. Create a specific vibration that only you can play. When you whine you can imagine a squeaky clarinet. When you are depressed you can imagine an instrument way out of tune. You play a part in everybody’s life.

Your first symphony is your symphony family. Just listen to Thanksgiving. Listen to brothers and sisters, and your mothers and fathers. Your DNA line plays a music that is harmonious and loving through the years, or music that you cannot wait to get out of. Your next symphony of souls is your friends. Your friends- the people whom you play with, talk to, love, laugh and cry with. Your soul may be the beautiful flute today, and tomorrow it may be the saxophone. Some of us are trumpets. Some of us are cymbals. Your community, the closest people to you, are another symphony of souls. Your vibration and your energy come into harmony with your community. Your community may be all clarinets and you are the drum. Or maybe it is all drums and you are the saxophone. Your soul speaks loudly and plays loudly.

They say that we as an earth are a symphony of humans playing with our stardust bodies. You can not change the earth. The symphony of souls that we have right now, you can not change; but each instrument can come into alignment. Each can be a bigger light or a better sound. A sound that harmonizes well, plays well and works well with others. Your soul has come into a body over and over and over again. It has played many musical instruments. Some of them that we can hear. Some of them that we can see. Some of them that we can feel; and others that just work out there where other people can see, feel, or hear. You are one with many symphonies of the soul.

You are one with your family, the worst usually, but the best to teach you a lesson. Your family teaches you to tune your instrument. Your community teaches you how to play your instrument. You are never ever always one. You are never the flute always, you are never the drum always. We blend. We blend with each other. We blend with ourselves and our connection to God and spirit. What is your music? What do your thoughts sing? Are they off key or are they in tune? How is your heart? Do you hold it back and keep it silent in a room full of instruments? Most importantly, your speaker. Your speaker is your connection to God.

God treats you how you treat other people. And other people treat you how you treat yourself. Do you have a sound system? Do you have a connection? Or are you a little symphony, a two-piece band by the side of the road where the traffic of life drowns you out? Where your own traffic of chatter in your head, the should's, the could's, the would's…or are you serene and grounded and connected where your vibration is strong and clear? I can be my instrument in this group. I can be my instrument in that group. I can say I do not like that group, but I am going to go be an instrument in it too. Because I do not like it, it is going to teach me. What we judge the most is usually what we need the most. You are a symphony of souls. You are never alone. We are in the grand compound of the universe, each of us makes energetic ripples, sounds, or no sounds. Sounds for god, for life, for the soul, and most importantly for yourself to absorb.

Healing Versus Enabling

We are going to talk about the difference between healing and enabling. Healing is when you supply or give an energy that a person is missing, or subtract an energy that they have too much of. Most disease is having too much sugar or too little sugar, or too much or too little white blood cells. Most disease functions from the place of not having enough or having too much.

As hands-on healers, we put our hands on the people and give them energy. This then encourages their body to make more or make less, to get rid of or save a supply of something. When we heal people, we help them with things that they can not do for themselves. We notice the situations, and we help them along. Sometimes we will do things they could do for themselves, but it would be very inconvenient for them. Healing is about sharing and giving energy. Enabling is about taking away responsibilities from people so they do not suffer the consequences.

Suffer the consequences - what does that mean? Do I have a twenty-eight-year-old son sitting at home, making excuses for why he can not work? A son who tells me his last boss was mean, and he could not get along with him, but then asks me to give him money to go out to eat tonight? And he asks for money to put gas in his car even though he has not given me rent from his last two paychecks? When you start taking away responsibilities from people and start making excuses for them; for instance: "He is sensitive," or "He has ADHD," or "He is an addict;" you are enabling them. When you make excuses for people and why they can not do anything for themselves, or why the situation is the way it is - you are enabling them. In other words, you are letting them get away with energy and actions that you know are not appropriate.

Sometimes, we put our stuff onto other people. We say "Oh, you need a healing," or "No, let me do this for you." We do this because we need it done for ourselves. Or we take something from our life and try to apply it to others. For instance, you have a history of men cheating on you, and you transfer it by telling all of your girlfriends their husbands are cheating on them. We develop this place we live in, and where we can enable someone or see that a person needs healing, depending on where we come from. You might know a lady who had alcoholic parents and alcoholic husbands, three of them. Any time anyone has a problem she says, "Your husband has an addiction. If he is not addicted to alcohol, he is addicted to sex or sugar or work." Do not go out there and enable people or heal people when it is YOU that needs the healing, and when it is you who are enabling with your righteousness. Pay attention.

When you take away the consequences and enable somebody, a child, someone who is in your frame of responsibility, you become responsible for their reality. This could be their laundry, bills, taxes, or insurance. It could be their way of behaving or their lack of maturity. You think, "Oh, just one more time - here is forty bucks." In the end, you will be the one frustrated. You will be the one who is angry. Enabling is doing something for others that they can do for themselves. Let us think about that. Let's say Jane's daughter moves back down with her two children, after leaving her husband. She moves in with her mother. You think about bringing some dinner over for Jane. Yes, under the circumstances, Jane usually takes care of herself; but she has four extra people in the house. Yes, bake a casserole and take it over to her. Yes, you can give something in those situations; but do not become responsible for their reality.

When we see someone in pain or difficulty, and we do not say anything to them - there is no healing. When you ask someone if something is wrong, and they tell you no; but there are tears running down their face, and you do not want to become involved - there is no healing. You may think, "That is going to take a lot of my energy!", but you are the healer! How do you enable others? Do you not offer help if they do not ask for it? Do you not heal them when you know they are sick, even if they have not specifically said they were sick or they needed your help? You enable them in their own suffering. Do you enable yourself, by dumping your family's stuff? Do you take your mother's stuff, and dump it on your teacher, for example. You enable yourself.

All of these times when you are not using thought, you are in that duh space. You say, "Why didn't I manifest anything? Why is there no change in my life?" but ninety percent of the day has been spent doing nothing and thinking nothing. Are you just hollow-eyed and walking past people and not seeing? Are they starving? Are they in pain? You give them a nod and pull your eyes away as quickly as you can? That is enabling. You are a light walker, a lightworker, a light healer; and you are enabling someone in their pain. They come and sit in front of you, hoping and praying that someone notices that their heart is broken; and they are crying on the inside. They hope you notice that they are destroying everything in their life for attention, including their friends. Do you just look at them and walk on by? How do you enable suffering? Where is your healer?

Stop wasting your day with selfish thoughts like "Why does she have a new car?" Or maybe you think someone does this or that or treats her husband better. Work on your own stuff. Work on your new car! Look at your thoughts! Create your reality! Do not be envious or jealous. Do not think, "They hurt me. They said this or that." When you are living in that past, each relationship looks like the same relationship you had with your father/first wife/husband, because you cannot get off of and move away from it. Your thoughts create your reality. Your selfishness and envy, your poor me, your yesterday or last year; those do not create your reality. You can have rich thoughts- cultivate them.

Do not be against anything. Do not be against war, be for peace. Be for healing, not against cancer.  Do not enable, do not walk past. Live the fullest energy.


Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.

Righteousness is another of the great keywords of the Bible. One of those keys that the reader must have in his possession if he is to get to the true meaning; like Earth, meek, and comfort. It is a technical term used in a special, definitive sense. Righteousness, in the Bible, means not merely right conduct; but right thinking on all subjects, in every department of life. As we study the sermon on the mount, we shall find every clause in it reiterating the great truth: outside things are the expression of our picturing of our power, inner thoughts, and beliefs. We have dominion. We have power over our thoughts to think as we will; and thus, indirectly, make or mar our lives by the way in which we think. Jesus will consistently tell us these discourses. We have direct power over outer things because outside things are merely consequences, or result in pictures, of what goes on in that secret place. If it were possible for us to effect externals directly, without changing our thoughts, it would mean we could think one thing and produce another. This would be contrary to the laws of the universe. Indeed, it is just this very notion which is the basic falsity that lies at the root of all human problems, sickness, sin, strife, poverty, and even death itself.

The great law of the universe, however, is just this: what you think in your mind, you will produce in your experience. As within, as without. You can think to yourself, "I'm a millionaire." You can say it and think it ten times, but two hundred and sixty times we are pissed at the electric company. "I have such a big electric bill! Oh, my food is so expensive! I hate paying my bills!" It is the sum total at the end of the day. It is not your saying ten times, "I am a millionaire.", Or "I am a good person." You can say that, and you can be an absolute neutral person. If all your thoughts are thoughts about yourself, there is no sharing in the world. There is no manifesting there. Pay attention tomorrow. At the end of the day you will get the sum of your thoughts. As within, as without.

Thoughts create your reality. When you think, "Oh, yesterday I did such a good job, I am so smart, so cool!" or "I hurt. I feel so bad. I got in a car accident." or think about the future like, "When my ship comes in, I am going to do this and this..." Thinking in the past and the future creates no reality. Spending your time in the good ol' days, or in the time to come is not thoughts creating your reality. You are wasting time. Yes, you need to spend 2 or 3% of your time doing basic tasks, like planning your grocery list or paying bills, but the majority of your day needs to be spent in thoughts of NOW. These are the thoughts that bring great big manifestation.

You cannot think one thing and produce another. We are talking about the majority of your thoughts. If you want to control your circumstances, harmony, and happiness; you must first control your thoughts for harmony and happiness. Other things will follow. If you want health, you must first think health. Remember thinking health does not merely mean thinking a healthy body, as important as that is. It also includes thinking peace, contentment, and good will to all. Destructive emotions are one of the primary causes of disease. If you want spiritual completion, growth, and the knowledge of God; you must think spiritual thoughts, God thoughts. Give your attention and your life to your thoughts within, so that they can produce without. What a lesson, what a beautiful lesson.


The Process for Healing

The Power of Prayer

If someone can raise his consciousness above the limitations of the physical plane in connection with the matter (this is a scientific description of what is commonly called prayer), then the positions on the plane will change. In some utterly unforeseen and normally impossible manner, the legal tragedy will melt away. An error can turn to your advantage. A patient will be healed instead of having to undergo the operation or dying. In other words, miracles, in the best sense of the word, can and do happen with the result of prayer.

The Process for Healing

My teacher Esperanza, a Curandera in Mexico who was a very wise woman, lived a very simple life. They lived in Puebla huts and ate food the natives gave to them. They prayed, worked with energy, they worked on knowing more about life or magic than other people did.

She used to say to me, "Starr, understanding something is like a pink donkey." I have changed it to say, "understanding something is like a pink elephant." So, the first thing that happens is that when something happens to us, we seek understanding. Understanding is not necessary. The refrigerator works. Does the freon dance with the neon to create the cold? I have no clue. Do I know that I want to preserve things that I put in the refrigerator? Do I know how the heating or the cooling works in here? No, I know where the switch is.

When you are in the process of healing, do not seek understanding as to why this is going on. How, What, When, the emotional and mental body must be together. It is vibration to heal the physical body. So, the first thing you have to go and say, see and think is you need to own it. " I have .." You say you have, the doctor says you have, you move from that to the "I am healing" phase.

You need to own something. Nothing will heal without change. Nothing will heal without prayer. So instead of saying, "Oh well. It is salt. It is the way the restaurant made it. My poor foot is swollen. Because, because..." My foot is swollen because my emotions, my mind, and my body are not in alignment. Last year, at the beginning of the year it was this foot. After June, it was this foot. Now it is back to the first foot. The doctor says this is doesn't happen, diseases don't move from one foot to the other.

So, I have to and you have to look at where you feel, emotionally. Do you feel inadequate? Mentally, what processes are going on? Are your prayers, "Oh my God, I wish I would get rid of this!"? I need to come into alignment, mentally and emotionally, with my body so my foot can heal.

The process of healing is number one, to own it. Number two is to move from owning it to healing it. Number three, move the mental/emotional body together to a decision, to the knowledge that the physical body can come together with it and heal it. Do not blame. Do not blame your DNA,  your parents, your husband. Do not blame the food or Trump. For you to heal, you must own it. If you stay the same, you will get the same results. The thing that happens in your heart, that has to happen in your head, that most importantly has to happen in your actions is: you must change to heal.

Miracles can and do happen all the time. We call on healers because they bring us an energy that we lack or we have too much of.  They are more connected to God or connected to Source. They show us an energy to bring the mental, emotional, and physical together. When we cannot do it, or when we are saying "Why me?" they bring that energy of Earth and Spirit.

Your healthy friends are a role model. They teach you how to heal, especially if they have been healed of the thing that is teaching you a lesson right now. Your healthy friends do this for you. The most important thing is the ability to ask. Ask other people to help you with your healing.