Weekend Workshops

Explore the energy of DNA. Discover how desirable traits can be activated while undesirable traits can be “turned off.” Receive powerful initiations to activate dormant strands of your DNA. Learn specific techniques to transform DNA for present, past, and future generations. Remember, you are 100% responsible for your reality and you create your reality. As your 12 strands of DNA are activated at the spiritual level, new energies will trickle down into the material, physical plane and you will see life-changing results unfold as miracles.

Learn about the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit including Speaking in tongues, interpretation of tongues, prophecy, and healing. Receive the downloads for each gift so that you may experience them first hand.

Setting goals is one of the most important things you can do to create manifestation in your life. As you put things down in black and white, your subconscious mind works with your spirit guides to start the process of attainment. Explore long term goals, intermediate goals, and short term goals and break them down into attainable segments, focusing on concrete action steps to bring the abstract into reality. No longer will random choice determine your reality.

Activate the matrix that the soul designed before birth in this original cause healing process that moves most forms of energies and restores the original template. This process raises your vibration and accelerates your spiritual development, making you an even greater channel for healing energy.

Discover your role in the next wave of consciousness evolution as you enter into the realms of Akashic healing. Learn how to restructure consciousness by aligning with the resonant flow for creating healing in every dimension.

Whether you are single or coupled, your relationship to your body and your sexuality are keys to a deeper relationship to the universe and all of life. In this class you will learn everything you need to know to take your sexual connections to new levels of ecstasy and oneness. Utilizing techniques passed down from master to student for thousands of years, you will learn how to expand peaks of ecstasy in your sexuality as well as a tantric relationship to life which extends far beyond the bedroom. As you awaken your passion, you will develop a deep trust in your sexuality as you experience profound transformation in all levels of being.

Unite path and purpose and awaken your spiritual giant. Activate your spiritual warrior and own your spirit in all dimensions, permanently. Realize and activate your agreements with Source in all dimensions and bring these agreements into focus. In this course you will experience the awakening of your original essence as you align yourself with your original blueprint. The result is effortless empowerment as you deprogram your illusions and lower destiny and let go of the blocks that have separated your spirit from your body.

The very basis on which people make their sexual decisions is usually founded on myths, beliefs, and illusions. Sex, the highest form of human energy, is one of the most powerful ways to express yourself. Learn and explore male and female energy in its truest form as you discover the power of energy in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of sex.

You can encounter at least one major challenge as you progress along your spiritual path. These challenges can affect and disrupt one or more areas of your life, keep you off purpose, and interfere with further spiritual progress. It is the work of the shaman to identify which patterns are in your way and to assist you to move through them. Learn the twelve challenges people most frequently encounter and receive the tools to identify the main challenge that blocks you or your client. Learn to facilitate the breaking through and healing of these challenges.

Spiritual Magic is the power of self- transformation using the light that permeates everything. In the Renaissance, magic was referred to as communion with God. In this class you will acknowledge that there is a power within you that is greater than yourself and you will step up to the level of spiritual manifestation. You will also learn to amplify your presence and train the quality of your thoughts to become a strong, clear channel of power and light.

Become a part of the ancient tradition of the passing on of knowledge, giving back to others in a way that expands your healing scope a thousand-fold. Receive the tools and transmissions necessary to take your healing practice to the next level as you learn how to powerfully and effectively teach others. Whether you teach your clients in individual sessions or work with large groups of people, this class will give you the skills you need to deepen your connection to self, others, and spirit.

This is an ancient ritual initiation that takes time to prepare of. Because of the immense power evoked and the need for intensive training to handle these energies, the particulars of this initiation must be kept secret. The effects from this process are amazing. Not only will you change 180 degrees; you will also have the wherewithal to fit these changes into your life with grace and ease.

Most of us have dozens of tools yet something stays in our way of getting what we want. This class shows you exactly what you have to deal with to get yourself and your stuff out of the way. This process gives you a physical plane representation of what goes on in all your bodies, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Gain understanding of yourself by participating in others’ process.

This is an action- packed, fun-filled, juicy weekend of rituals, preparations, gridwork, and personal growth designed to prepare you for the relationship of your dreams. Pull the weeds out of your failed relationships and plant the seeds for your future ideal relationship. This weekend you will literally call your dream lover and dream relationship into being.

In many traditions as students progressed along their path and were ready to proceed to the next level, the master would give them an initiation. Students would stay with the master several years before having a single initiation bestowed upon them. Because the energies of the planet are speeding up, it is now possible to receive twelve such initiations in one weekend. The initiations will impact the way you interface with all outside energies. The specific initiations are custom tailored to your particular needs and will result in the creation of a new individualized energy configuration that aligns you to your purpose. After receiving these initiations, expect to experience your weaknesses, liabilities, personal strengths, and attributes differently.

Guide to teacher certification

The process of acquiring teacher certification for our classes depends on the individual subjects. Prospective teachers are typically required to meet the basic requirement of attending the same class twice (preferably with two different teachers) to demonstrate sufficient content knowledge and competency in the subject matter they teach.

However, some of the more complex classes require prospective teachers to undergo apprenticeship for additional training. Certification for these classes is at the discretion of the teacher which go beyond core subject-matter competencies. The intent here is to ensure that teachers demonstrate a certain degree of spiritual mastery in order to be certified.