Spiritual Preparation

Are you ready to change your life on the drop of an energy, on the drop of a dime?  Are you ready to follow the whisper inside of you?

Spiritual preparation comes with number one, attitude.  Are you going to wait and see?  Or are you going to be energetically prepared? Do you wait to see what the energy is before you make up your mind? If you wait and see, it is already happening. You need to be prepared. Your attitude must be one that is eager, aware, and ready to act on what your inner voice says. The inner voice will not be consistent.  Clear your eyes and your ears.  You need new eyes and new ears. Your attitude is important. Each of us will be given different messages, rustles, and whispers.  Listen to them behind the loudness of eating, sleeping, making love, gossiping…listen.

Attitude.  Listen to what is going on.   Be conscious.  For many years on this planet, we had wars and depressions. These are happenings that affect everybody on planet Earth.  Now we are being prepared. Watch those teenaged kids sitting at the table talking to you and texting four friends on the phone.  You can talk and text, what a concept.  You are being prepared for people to be multifaceted in your brain.  To psychically carry on seven conversations at a time and remember what each person said. You are being prepared to handle multidimensional, multi-Earthly inputs.

Look at Facebook.  Second by second, friends show off a corn beef sandwich they had for lunch. So what!  Someone had an operation, their grandniece had a baby, pictures of new babies. Things that would have taken me six months to know ten years ago, I know after spending ten minutes on Facebook.

Our communication is being picked up.  We are being prepared for this.  I want your attitude to be just as conscious of what is going on in the physical plane. How are people driving?  Are people bumping into you in public and not saying, “excuse me”?  How are people so out of it or so grounded that they can help you?  I want you to be prepared to handle everything, anything, all things.  To be able to handle them energetically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically.  Things are about to change.

We will not all be given the same message.  We all have things and energies to change.  We all have a special place in our own soul evolution and our levels, vibrations, and frequencies to contribute.

If someone annoys you, send them a healing.  If someone angers you, then send them a healing.  If someone is late, send them a healing.  If someone does not show up, send them a healing.  You are being prepared to connect your light, to exchange your energy, and to gift each other healing and light – no matter what.  Judgment is seeing its final decade.

There are many things I do not have the full picture of.  The full picture of war, starvation, violence or other negativity. But I do know one thing: these are lessons.  These are lessons for us in some way, shape, or form.  To act, to speak, not to act, not to speak, to endure, to change. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and please don not forget physically, be prepared.