The Power of Meditation

Being quiet, being still, how powerful is that?  It does not look very powerful.  It does not feel very powerful.  Stillness might not seem very powerful, but think about a foundation to a building. It must be still, stable.  A pillar that supports physical plane things. Once the pillar is there, it is mostly forgotten. Once the foundation is laid, it is taken for granted.  Skyscrapers are built on a foundation.  Your capacity or your ability to meditate, to focus on one thing, to clear the distractions, is very powerful. To be able to concentrate, to focus to the point that no thought, sound, or little mosquito can disturb your intention is powerful. Nothing is more important than your intention.

The power of meditation is to teach you to listen, to be still, be a pillar, be a foundation.  It is a place where the inner world and outer world meet quietly and peace and serenity reign.

We can whine about the politicians, we can complain about the state of the world, we can pray for peace and have huge fund-raisers for peace; but with the power of meditation, we emanate peace.  Peace of the inner world, peace of the outer world, and peace of the two worlds coming together is essential.

We can all talk. we can all write. we can all whine and complain.  We can be silently angry and silently in love. But energies are running, and emotions are traveling.

When you meditate, when you are still and focused, peace is queen.  Listening to God, Source, and Spirit is a priority. Yes, when we start meditating we meditate at a specific time, a certain place, or a certain chair. We may listen to someone’s tape, or utilize breathing, or sound. Sometimes it is just one branch of a tree that is gnarled in a way that you become it.  One flower that is twisted and ugly, but it is so ugly that it is beautiful.  We become it.  A crack in the sidewalk that looks like a wizard, you become one with it.

As you grow and you glow there will be minutes and moments of deep meditation that steal you, that grab all your words, that silence the voices, still the emotions, but you have to start with meditation.  You gotta have that practice.  You have to know how to still yourself.

It can be the eyes of a person, behind their own little shield, but totally of love.  It can be the breath of a baby. As we grow, it is no longer gentle; it is no longer easy.  Someone cuts us off, we must ground ourselves back to meditating, focus.

If someone says something rude to you, tell them “Thank You.”  When someone says nothing at all to us, we shine, we listen to nothing.  Nothing but God and Earth, and ourselves together takes precedence. That is the power of meditation.