Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.

Righteousness is another of the great keywords of the Bible. One of those keys that the reader must have in his possession if he is to get to the true meaning; like Earth, meek, and comfort. It is a technical term used in a special, definitive sense. Righteousness, in the Bible, means not merely right conduct; but right thinking on all subjects, in every department of life. As we study the sermon on the mount, we shall find every clause in it reiterating the great truth: outside things are the expression of our picturing of our power, inner thoughts, and beliefs. We have dominion. We have power over our thoughts to think as we will; and thus, indirectly, make or mar our lives by the way in which we think. Jesus will consistently tell us these discourses. We have direct power over outer things because outside things are merely consequences, or result in pictures, of what goes on in that secret place. If it were possible for us to effect externals directly, without changing our thoughts, it would mean we could think one thing and produce another. This would be contrary to the laws of the universe. Indeed, it is just this very notion which is the basic falsity that lies at the root of all human problems, sickness, sin, strife, poverty, and even death itself.

The great law of the universe, however, is just this: what you think in your mind, you will produce in your experience. As within, as without. You can think to yourself, "I'm a millionaire." You can say it and think it ten times, but two hundred and sixty times we are pissed at the electric company. "I have such a big electric bill! Oh, my food is so expensive! I hate paying my bills!" It is the sum total at the end of the day. It is not your saying ten times, "I am a millionaire.", Or "I am a good person." You can say that, and you can be an absolute neutral person. If all your thoughts are thoughts about yourself, there is no sharing in the world. There is no manifesting there. Pay attention tomorrow. At the end of the day you will get the sum of your thoughts. As within, as without.

Thoughts create your reality. When you think, "Oh, yesterday I did such a good job, I am so smart, so cool!" or "I hurt. I feel so bad. I got in a car accident." or think about the future like, "When my ship comes in, I am going to do this and this..." Thinking in the past and the future creates no reality. Spending your time in the good ol' days, or in the time to come is not thoughts creating your reality. You are wasting time. Yes, you need to spend 2 or 3% of your time doing basic tasks, like planning your grocery list or paying bills, but the majority of your day needs to be spent in thoughts of NOW. These are the thoughts that bring great big manifestation.

You cannot think one thing and produce another. We are talking about the majority of your thoughts. If you want to control your circumstances, harmony, and happiness; you must first control your thoughts for harmony and happiness. Other things will follow. If you want health, you must first think health. Remember thinking health does not merely mean thinking a healthy body, as important as that is. It also includes thinking peace, contentment, and good will to all. Destructive emotions are one of the primary causes of disease. If you want spiritual completion, growth, and the knowledge of God; you must think spiritual thoughts, God thoughts. Give your attention and your life to your thoughts within, so that they can produce without. What a lesson, what a beautiful lesson.