How Do I Be?

The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth

Good morning!  No matter what mood you are in, no matter how you are feeling, every morning when you get up there is still oxygen in the air. The sunlight, whether it is behind a cloud, or it is there, whether it's the middle of winter or the middle of summer, it is still there. The ability for you to go out and choose your food, your friends, your lessons, how to share your time with friends, how to spend your time is there.  Every morning you wake up, one hundred percent supported.  No matter what you think, no matter how you feel, you are one hundred percent supported.  No matter what is or isn't wrong with your life. The sun still shines, you have oxygen to breathe. You have money in your pocket to buy food. You eat, and you sleep. You have friends. You have life. You are one hundred percent supported.

How Do I Be?

Repeat after me.  How do I be? What is next? Your higher self is the connection to your soul. It knows all your past lives; it knows everything that can possibly happen. It knows all of your choices. Your higher self can be closer to you, or farther from you. Your higher-self guides your intuition. It guides your relationship and communication.

Let's look at how not to be. "Why me?" Higher-self shushes you because everything that happens, we are responsible for our reality. "Why do they have that, and I don't?" Higher-self moves away. When you decide you are too tired, you decide you need to chill, you need space from your normal life, and there is no energy to give your spiritual life, your higher-self drifts farther and farther away. Your intuition becomes off. Your gut feeling comes off. The more victim, manipulator you are, the farther away your higher-self gets.

When you asked, how do I be? That is exactly right. Not, what do I do, why me, or who, how. How do I be, is a marriage of your body and your soul. It is marriage of your essence. It is a marriage of your higher self and lower self. How do I be, is a state of energy. It is not why, what, not when, it is a question for soul and body.   

How do I be? Your higher-self cuddles right up next to you. What is next?  It cuddles up next to you. When you ask," Why can't I win the lottery. Why do I not have that," your higher self pulls away. Higher self never leaves you, but the distance from your heart and your intuition, the distance from your actions is you. You choose your reality.

How sacred are you? Well, that is just about how sacred your higher self is close to you. We are all holy. We are all one. Our behaviors, our thoughts, our choices, our lack of choices, not doing anything for anyone else in the world, that is a choice where you didn't make a choice, your higher self will separate from you.

It knows everything. How do you get closer to it? Use your intuition. Journal. Study spiritual work. Study anything that sharpens your mind and skills on planet Earth. Do not whine. Do not complain. Do not begrudge other people for what they have or who they are. Your higher self is your guiding light. Do you want a mile away from your or do you want it sitting next to you? How do I be?

Foundations of Healing

There was a gentleman named Lee, I forget his first name, and he did a study of people who healed cancer and chronic diseases by spontaneous remission or nothing happened, and they healed.  He found out there was a very, very common foundation that each of these people had for healing. The first foundation they had, was number one they believed in a higher power or some energy outside of themselves, greater than them. It didn't matter if it was Christians, Buddhists, or whatever, if you believed in a higher power then there is a greater energy out there, that there are forces out there that can be, can perform miracles, that can change things, that can guide you.  That it is not your ego that is in charge.

This is a very, very important thing. How do we know when that is not working for us?  When our intuition tells us something, and we disregard it. Then what happens?  You wind up saying; I should have listened.  When you believe that your mind knows it all, that your mind is the most important thing, that you have all the facts, then you will question your belief in a higher power. Higher power knows all.  You can put any name to it. You can have it be the big tree. It is a sense that there is something omnipotent out there. Number one foundation, in all the people who had spontaneous remissions or healed, with no explanation why they were healed.

The second foundation is that to manifest something you must believe it one hundred percent.  If I say, " Oh, yeah, I won the power ball the other day or that I won a big two hundred and ninety million, power ball, but somebody else needs it more than me. Somebody else is collecting karma from past lives. "  I am not going to win that lottery.  My mind might think of how much fun I could have with it, all the crystals I could buy, all the people I could feed, and think of all the good things I could do. But my heart might say, " I think that is somebody else's to do right now."  My soul knows that it may be.

When you are going to heal, your mind, your heart, your soul and your body must know it and send it forward and only then can something manifest. You think you should have a Volkswagen, but you have a Chevy truck, and another car, but then you see this beautiful orange Volkswagen bus, that is shiny and new, but your mind knows that having two cars is enough.  My soul knows. I know that that is enough. I know that somebody else needs a way to get to work.  My mind may go, "new car, new car. Volkswagen." My heart goes, " I wish the person could get a beat up, banger to drive to work." So, Starr doesn't really manifest a new Volkswagen, because all four parts of me don't believe it.

You cannot manifest a healing if all four parts of you aren't in agreement. All four parts of you don't interfere. You have to have all of you in agreement to manifest.  Fear and ego are the two biggest things. I think this year; I did my first yoga class in 1958, this year I have sixty years of healing. I think I have seen more people afraid of success and afraid of failing.  I have seen more people afraid of healing and lose all the energy and attention they are given.  These people are afraid of dying.  Pay attention.

The third foundation is your words. Your words create your reality.  What are you saying? "The doctor says I have six months to live."  Well, I have seen that not happen so many times. I read an article where fifty percent of the people die from cancer. What are fifty percent do you fall into? Whatever you accentuate, whatever you say over and over again, you will create your reality.

People come to me, and they say, " I have cancer." People come to me and say, " I am healing of cancer." Pay attention. Your words, your thoughts create your reality. Your words tell reality how to manifest. Choose your words.

The fourth one is really, really simple.  You are your own authority. Just because the doctor says,  just because statistics say, just because your psychic or healer says, number four, for spontaneous remission and healing, is that you are own authority.  You check in with your own intuition and gut.  "Oh, I am going to heal of cancer." But then you think to yourself, that your nutrition is bad.  Or maybe you worry more about dying, than healing.  You think to yourself, " How can I pay more attention to healing?" Let me get the books out, let me call someone who can tell me about this. " I am going to die, or yadda yadda." You approach it like you don't care that there is nothing you are interested in. Find something to live for!

Check in with yourself.  You are the last authority. What energy needs to be brought in?  What energy needs to be fed? Thousands upon thousands, hundreds of thousands of people have a disease, and then they don't. Doctors call it a singularity in physics. A singularity is an event that happens once, that doesn't follow the rules. When hundreds of thousands, millions of people have something happen, it is no longer a singularity. It is a great possibility. Pay attention.

Number one, all of you must believe to manifest. Number two is there is a higher power.  Number three, your words matter.  Number four,  you are the authority.  Those are the foundations of healing.

The Wisdom of the Light

This Week's Great Eclipse

Wow, an hour and forty-three-minute eclipse. The longest eclipse of the century. Unexpected events, it is there. Dancing with Mars. Unexpected events changes if you are in a relationship that hasn't been working, from January till now, till January of next year, it will show itself to you. The relationship, whether it be a business relationship or a loving relationship, things will come to the surface.

Eclipses are powerful. I don't know how many of you slept the other night, was it Friday night? The Eclipse. If you feel strange energies in your bodies, this is the most powerful eclipse that we have had in a long, long time.

In many kingdoms in the past, astrologers and astronomers decided when battles would take place and new laws and many other things went into effect, right after an eclipse. There is actually a phrase in the study of astrology that starts with the first eclipse after your birthday, about how you choose to be in your life. It is a very interesting time. Whoever, whatever, stuff. Things beyond the surface will come to show itself to you, to the public, to anything.

This is a time for all that deep stuff in you that you have been in denial about, to come up and raise its head. Happily, ugly, gently, violently, lovingly. This is a very powerful period in the development of your personality and your spiritual development.

If you get a chance, go online, and for some of you I know all this astrology doesn't make sense, but just gently read through the definition and what they are saying about this eclipse. It will give you a personal starting point for your meditation, your personal work, mental, emotional, and spiritual work.

The Wisdom of the Light

Speaking about you today, about the wisdom and light. Look, you all know that if you don't see sunlight for days and days, thirty or sixty days, you can get a disease and get sick. You know that the Alaskan people have to take a lot of vitamin C when it gets dark. We know that the light is important to us. We know that if we have a wound or a scar that we put it out into the sunlight because the sunlight has powerful, and sometimes miraculous healing.

I want to talk to you about that light. I want to talk to you about other types of light. Each place, each tree, each plant; whether you can see it or believe it, emanates its own light. If you were to have a carnelian photo taken, each plant has its own aura. If you cut the leaf in two off a plant, and you take a picture of that plant, the aura of the rest of the leaf is there.

Now, there is much wisdom in getting a light. How many people need to be in nature? If you walk in the woods, or you go sit out and look at the birds, whatever it is that you do, there is a wisdom of the light of nature that brings us back to certain places, be it in this lifetime or other lifetimes. Each community in itself, the spiritual community, would have a color, a rainbow, various currents of light surrounding it. When you belong to a community, that community gives you light. There is wisdom in that light.

Now, Oh boy. You live in Hot Springs. You live in the Village or somewhere in between. What do you do for your community? How do you propagate that light? How can you gain the wisdom? There is a mix, vast, wonderful mix in Hot Springs of people of all sorts of religions and races. Together under the corporate entity of Hot Springs, and Hot Springs Village, go down the road, and there are many other communities, you need to absorb that, and you need to participate in that. You need to feed your community. It supports you. You live in it, whether you acknowledge it or not.

Do I want to say, " Oh, Hot Springs? It's in the bible belt. In Arkansas. Oh my, I don't want to be here." But I have been here for years and years. Do I want to be foolish and not acknowledge the wisdom of the light, living in my community?

Each building from all the people who have walked talked, and been in it, each building has its own light. Oh, I can tell you, libraries and churches feel very different, but sometimes they can feel the same because education and experience is going on there. When was the last time you did something for your library? Did something for your church? Light comes in one hundred-forty-four ways. It comes to you. You can accept it or reject it with your words.

" I am not a Democrat. I am not a Republican. I don't like how this country is running."

Too bad. You are living in it. You are getting light. If you don't like it, move. Whatever pay attention; where ever you are there are streams of light. You're ethnic originality, your family, are the greatest teachers and givers of wisdom. Some of us, we are born into families that teach us how not to be versus teaches us how to be. So, get on your hands and knees to that father or mother who did not treat you well, and say " Thank you, for teaching me how not to be."

Now, the most important source of light is you. Each one of us is a combination, and at any given moment, we can be a different combination of the hundred forty-four different lights. Some of us run four or five really strongly. Some of us run thirty lights. Every time you are in the presence of a person you get fed. I don't care if it is a street person, a guru, a musician, a chef, or a massage therapist, I don't care who you are with you have the ability to gain light.

You know, about twenty years ago there was this thing, and all of a sudden everyone said, " Oh my God, you need full spectrum lighting." Because these lights don't give you all the rays of light that sunlight does, you will be unhealthy. Now they even recommend for autistic children and children with learning difficulties that you put full spectrum lights in their rooms.

I believe that if you sit at home, that if you don't connect with people, that if you don't contribute to your community, you may have an inadequate diet of light. What does that mean? When I go to understand my prayer, when I have a lack of something, and I am praying and praying, (back to where we started from in the reading), I do not understand the remedy, the prayer. I don't do my work well. It takes me longer to do my work.
Whoever supports you, that is who you support. Then it becomes a Mobius of Light. Whoever energetically, physically, feeds you, supports you, you support them in return. If your mind can't bring you to support the US government, then support the people. Support the homeless, the vets, the blind, the deaf. How about just regular people who need someone to listen to them. You may be starving. You may be three hundred pounds and starving for light, from a building, from a church, from nature or a person, a flower, from feeding, from helping, from participating in your community. There is wisdom in the light. The more light you have, the more you see, feel, and hear what needs to shift and change in you.

I have been teaching for sixty years. I will be eighty next year. I am going to tell you one thing, well, probably I will tell you a million things, but change is constant. You always have something to work on, to complete. If you are done working, you die.

You need to multiply your light. What do you do for your community? What do and be for the people who support you? What do you do and be for the people in need? I strongly suggest, that you look, feel, get some feedback from your friends. How much do I support the community? How much do I support other people? How much do I support nature? How much do I support the buildings and the land that provide service for me?

There is wisdom in the light. Meet everybody you can. Talk to everyone you can. Share whenever you can. And most importantly know, that the more you receive light, the faster your spiritual progress goes.