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Hanafuda Magic is a four-part system of activations, healings, magic and insights, which when blended together create an intensive and transformative DNA experience.

Hanafuda cards have been popular in Japan and Korea for hundreds of years. Yet their origins are ancient and contain profound teachings. In Japanese, hana means flower and fuda means card. Simply expressed, hanafuda means “flower cards.” The twelve suits in a Hanafuda deck feature flowers or trees and totems that connect to the solar-lunar cycles and carry a spirit that teaches, heals and transforms. Hanafuda Magic utilizes the Hanafuda cards as a tool to excavate your hidden gifts and awaken the unique nature of your being, all while unbinding your heart and increasing your ability to create and attract by unleashing your soul gifts into the world.

The Hanafuda Magic, including the Hanafuda Activations, are original works of Selena Rodriguez, accessed and developed from over 38 years of experience with the Hanafuda and spiritual teachings from around the world.

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Discover how we healed in Atlantis and Lemuria and experience the lightning-fast, ocean-deep power of Seashell Spirals, crystals from the sea. Seashell spirals offer a quick and easy way of working with specific vortex portals for healing, transformation, manifestation, spiritual awakening and soul empowerment.

All seashell spiral energies are equally effective for self-healing and for healing others. With this work students have healed cancer, mental illness, chronic depression, procrastination, stuck-ness, emotional imbalances, relationship challenges, chronic back pain, anxiety, thyroid issues, hormonal imbalances, and much more.

This original work was channeled and developed by Zabe Barnes who has been playing with seashells since she was four years old. Seashell healing works especially well with Light Language, Divine Intervention and DNA work.

Private and small group classes are offered by Zoom with flexible scheduling.

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Transformation and manifestation are the focus of this in-depth private training in Seashell Alchemy. This course is for people who are ready to master their ability to bring thoughts and dreams into tangible form aligned with soul purpose. The 8-session course includes:

  • 28 New Spirals for personal empowerment
  • Total Freedom from “Black Magic”
  • Clearing the Past Trauma for Whole Well-Being
  • Karmic Clearing through Time for Transcendence into Bright New Realities
  • Brain Empowerment for Embracing Higher Knowing

By committing to this program, you spiral up to new levels of vibration as you receive new ways to connect yourself and others with the flow of spirit through earth. You will suddenly remember what you knew in Atlantis and Lemuria as you reconnect with your inner seashell alchemist. Through this connection, new possibilities abound as you claim your ability to generate what you most desire, for yourself and for others.

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This recorded online course highlights ten important keys to healing that Zabe Barnes discovered during her healing journey with the lineage teachings. Of special interest are valuable proven tips for not taking on other people’s stuff—crucial survival wisdom for all healers and all teachers! Includes ten energy healing activations for expanding one’s capacity for healing and self-healing—recommended for anyone who doubts their healing abilities and for anyone in need of healing.   

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This in-depth study of Universal Laws was developed by Zabe Barnes after 12 years of studying the Laws with Starr. The 105 Universal Laws serve as the User’s Guide for Life. But they can be difficult to understand. In this recorded course Zabe provides simple one-sentence summaries, empowerment activations and meditation tools for Universal Law alignment through multiple dimensions of being. The course includes a deck of 105 activated Universal Law Alignment cards and seven recordings covering in-depth information about all 105 Laws, as well as a handy index so that you can find and listen to whichever Law you choose in any given moment. 

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Learn to merge with Angels and Arch Angels as you become a clear channel for Angel Healing and Angel Guidance–for yourself and for others. This series of nine initiations and mudras was spontaneously given to Zabe Barnes by her Soul Angel and eight Arch Angels after she asked to deepen her relationship with them. She has activated students from all walks of life to become powerful channels of Angel Healing and Angel Wisdom and to know that they are never alone.

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Learn to call back hundreds of lost soul parts from all lifetimes through the 13 Chambers of the Heart—in an instant, any time, any place! As you learn to open your heart in this way, fragmented parts of yourself flood back to you so that you can be more present in your life. With this method you can call home specific aspects of yourself to support very specific goals.

Zabe Barnes developed this course based on her own profound experiences with spontaneous soul retrieval. In this private training you will learn to facilitate soul retrieval for yourself and for others without having to journey or gather information about what came back in or why it left.

It is a joyful process of feeling full of yourself in all of the best ways. Visit the link below for a free webinar so that you can experience this life-changing work for yourself.

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Learn to connect with seven parallel universes through the intergalactic Gardens of Being for expansive, out-of-this world awareness, achievement and inner joy.  Each Galactic Garden and corresponding Parallel Universe brings specific talents and abilities to support your life on Earth. This work was taught to Starr by Maria, Starr’s Colombian Bruja teacher with whom she studied before her time with Esperanza, and was developed by Zabe Barnes with guidance from Starr.

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As the planet continues to ascend, we ready ourselves to hold greater quantities of  light. We open ourselves to creating space for new energies to amplify our Divinity here on earth.

The Columbian Vessels of Soul  Initiations fortify the light body with new roots of empowerment. These energies are driven by purpose, delivering healing rays to the cause of disempowerment for a dramatically different way of being in the world. Each initiation goes to  the core of being, providing a multilevel restructuring of our deep subconscious self.

Recipients generally experience a quiet celebration of awareness as dazzling new light floods the auric field. This is accompanied by a mercurial movement of energy that penetrates so deep that it stills body and mind and holds the heart for lasting transformation.    

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