The Process for Healing

The Power of Prayer

If someone can raise his consciousness above the limitations of the physical plane in connection with the matter (this is a scientific description of what is commonly called prayer), then the positions on the plane will change. In some utterly unforeseen and normally impossible manner, the legal tragedy will melt away. An error can turn to your advantage. A patient will be healed instead of having to undergo the operation or dying. In other words, miracles, in the best sense of the word, can and do happen with the result of prayer.

The Process for Healing

My teacher Esperanza, a Curandera in Mexico who was a very wise woman, lived a very simple life. They lived in Puebla huts and ate food the natives gave to them. They prayed, worked with energy, they worked on knowing more about life or magic than other people did.

She used to say to me, "Starr, understanding something is like a pink donkey." I have changed it to say, "understanding something is like a pink elephant." So, the first thing that happens is that when something happens to us, we seek understanding. Understanding is not necessary. The refrigerator works. Does the freon dance with the neon to create the cold? I have no clue. Do I know that I want to preserve things that I put in the refrigerator? Do I know how the heating or the cooling works in here? No, I know where the switch is.

When you are in the process of healing, do not seek understanding as to why this is going on. How, What, When, the emotional and mental body must be together. It is vibration to heal the physical body. So, the first thing you have to go and say, see and think is you need to own it. " I have .." You say you have, the doctor says you have, you move from that to the "I am healing" phase.

You need to own something. Nothing will heal without change. Nothing will heal without prayer. So instead of saying, "Oh well. It is salt. It is the way the restaurant made it. My poor foot is swollen. Because, because..." My foot is swollen because my emotions, my mind, and my body are not in alignment. Last year, at the beginning of the year it was this foot. After June, it was this foot. Now it is back to the first foot. The doctor says this is doesn't happen, diseases don't move from one foot to the other.

So, I have to and you have to look at where you feel, emotionally. Do you feel inadequate? Mentally, what processes are going on? Are your prayers, "Oh my God, I wish I would get rid of this!"? I need to come into alignment, mentally and emotionally, with my body so my foot can heal.

The process of healing is number one, to own it. Number two is to move from owning it to healing it. Number three, move the mental/emotional body together to a decision, to the knowledge that the physical body can come together with it and heal it. Do not blame. Do not blame your DNA,  your parents, your husband. Do not blame the food or Trump. For you to heal, you must own it. If you stay the same, you will get the same results. The thing that happens in your heart, that has to happen in your head, that most importantly has to happen in your actions is: you must change to heal.

Miracles can and do happen all the time. We call on healers because they bring us an energy that we lack or we have too much of.  They are more connected to God or connected to Source. They show us an energy to bring the mental, emotional, and physical together. When we cannot do it, or when we are saying "Why me?" they bring that energy of Earth and Spirit.

Your healthy friends are a role model. They teach you how to heal, especially if they have been healed of the thing that is teaching you a lesson right now. Your healthy friends do this for you. The most important thing is the ability to ask. Ask other people to help you with your healing.