The Soul as an Instrument

Your soul is a musical instrument.

You are tuned to silences. You are tuned to be a large trombone. You are tuned to be a drum where you make a pace for everybody. Throughout your life your soul changes as an instrument. Creativity, connection, nature, and intuition all shape your instrument. Create a specific vibration that only you can play. When you whine you can imagine a squeaky clarinet. When you are depressed you can imagine an instrument way out of tune. You play a part in everybody’s life.

Your first symphony is your symphony family. Just listen to Thanksgiving. Listen to brothers and sisters, and your mothers and fathers. Your DNA line plays a music that is harmonious and loving through the years, or music that you cannot wait to get out of. Your next symphony of souls is your friends. Your friends- the people whom you play with, talk to, love, laugh and cry with. Your soul may be the beautiful flute today, and tomorrow it may be the saxophone. Some of us are trumpets. Some of us are cymbals. Your community, the closest people to you, are another symphony of souls. Your vibration and your energy come into harmony with your community. Your community may be all clarinets and you are the drum. Or maybe it is all drums and you are the saxophone. Your soul speaks loudly and plays loudly.

They say that we as an earth are a symphony of humans playing with our stardust bodies. You can not change the earth. The symphony of souls that we have right now, you can not change; but each instrument can come into alignment. Each can be a bigger light or a better sound. A sound that harmonizes well, plays well and works well with others. Your soul has come into a body over and over and over again. It has played many musical instruments. Some of them that we can hear. Some of them that we can see. Some of them that we can feel; and others that just work out there where other people can see, feel, or hear. You are one with many symphonies of the soul.

You are one with your family, the worst usually, but the best to teach you a lesson. Your family teaches you to tune your instrument. Your community teaches you how to play your instrument. You are never ever always one. You are never the flute always, you are never the drum always. We blend. We blend with each other. We blend with ourselves and our connection to God and spirit. What is your music? What do your thoughts sing? Are they off key or are they in tune? How is your heart? Do you hold it back and keep it silent in a room full of instruments? Most importantly, your speaker. Your speaker is your connection to God.

God treats you how you treat other people. And other people treat you how you treat yourself. Do you have a sound system? Do you have a connection? Or are you a little symphony, a two-piece band by the side of the road where the traffic of life drowns you out? Where your own traffic of chatter in your head, the should’s, the could’s, the would’s…or are you serene and grounded and connected where your vibration is strong and clear? I can be my instrument in this group. I can be my instrument in that group. I can say I do not like that group, but I am going to go be an instrument in it too. Because I do not like it, it is going to teach me. What we judge the most is usually what we need the most. You are a symphony of souls. You are never alone. We are in the grand compound of the universe, each of us makes energetic ripples, sounds, or no sounds. Sounds for god, for life, for the soul, and most importantly for yourself to absorb.